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Visa Rate Changes

March 25, 2020/0/0/

UPDATE:  Visa had provided new guidance that the below changes will now be implemented on July 17, 2020.  Click here for more details.   Visa is announcing updates to U.S. credit interchange rates and related modifications that will be effective on Central Processing Date (CPD) 18 April 2020 and CPD 17 October 2020.  Please see […]

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Solving a Top Challenge for CBD Businesses: Selecting the Right Banking Partner

February 13, 2020/0/3/

One of the fastest growing industries in the United States is the CBD space, which includes all businesses that are producing and marketing products based on the compound found in the cannabis flower.  Still highly regulated and not legal in some states, these businesses have seen rapid growth and success through a broad variety of […]


The Pros & Cons of Making Payments With Social Media Payment Platforms

August 19, 2019/0/0/

Social media is in a constant state of evolution. Whereas its initial purpose was to help connect and reconnect old friends, it now serves as a wildly popular way to send and receive money too. Sometimes called a “social payment”, social media payment platforms offer individuals a way to transfer money using an app like [...]


Here Is How to Make the Best Possible Checkout Experience for Your Customers

July 16, 2019/0/1/

A customer’s checkout experience is crucial. No matter how good the service was—or how much the customer ended up buying—if there is a breakdown during the checkout process, that’s the only thing that will likely be remembered. In today’s marketplace, it is more important than ever to have a frictionless customer experience or you will [...]

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Prevent Credit Card Fraud From Ruining Your Business

June 24, 2019/0/2/

Most business owners know how important it is to be able to accept credit cards as a form of payment. It is one of the primary ways to increase sales and provide a better customer experience. However, with credit card acceptance comes the potential to be defrauded. Here are four effective ways to prevent credit [...]

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Marketing an ISO in 2018 with Michelle Geraci of Transaction Services

October 8, 2018/0/4/

Do you know what it takes to successfully market an ISO in 2018? Listen to comments from Michelle Geraci, VP of Sales with Transaction Services, as she speaks with Scott Hawksworth who runs PayPod: The Payments Podcast as a way to dive in deeper to the world of payments as it exists now, and to find out more about […]

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David Leppek named ETA Committee Volunteer of the Year 2018

April 18, 2018/0/0/

David Leppek was announced as the ETA Committee Volunteer of the Year for his dedication to the Payment Sales & Strategy Committee. Learn more … click here.

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How International Processing could Boost your Business

How International Processing could Boost your Business

January 25, 2017/0/0/

The Internet has made the world a much smaller place, and global credit card spending is set for a rapid increase. However, even if your ecommerce business doesn’t attract a worldwide audience now, that isn’t to say the number of international customers won’t pick up in the future. Should this occur, accepting payments in your […]

How Has Card-Not-Present Fraud Been Impacted Since the Implementation of EMV?

How Has Card-Not-Present Fraud Changed Since EMV?

January 24, 2017/0/0/

Counterfeit card fraud accounts for 37 per cent of credit card fraud. To tackle this, an initiative from Euromoney, MasterCard and Visa, known as EMV, has been implemented in the United States. In countries where similar initiatives have been introduced, there’s been a strong success rate in reducing counterfeit card fraud, and it is hoped […]

3 Ways Online Payments Are Changing How Businesses Function

3 Ways Online Payments Are Changing Business

January 23, 2017/0/0/

The payments industry has seen numerous changes throughout the years, but it is the Internet that has brought about its most radical transformation. It is estimated that consumers will spend $385 billion on e-commerce throughout 2016. By 2020, this figure is likely to exceed 600 billion, and e-commerce and the advances in the online payments […]