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Here Is How to Make the Best Possible Checkout Experience for Your Customers

July 16, 2019/0/1/

A customer’s checkout experience is crucial. No matter how good the service was—or how much the customer ended up buying—if there is a breakdown during the checkout process, that’s the only thing that will likely be remembered. In today’s marketplace, it is more important than ever to have a frictionless customer experience or you will [...]

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6 Common Payment Processing Mistakes SMBs Make (and How to Avoid Them) | Transaction Services

6 Common Payment Processing Mistakes SMBs Make (and How to Avoid Them)

December 28, 2016/0/0/

As a small business owner, there are several mistakes you must avoid if you are going to find to a payment processor who will suit your needs as your company grows. However, if you are just starting or keen to develop your business, it’s easy to forget to ask the right questions, and by then, […]

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How to Quicken Your Chip Card Changeover | Transaction Services

How to Quicken Your Chip Card Changeover

December 15, 2016/0/0/

Chip cards have been one of the most significant changes faced by retailers in the U.S. in recent years. However, the switchover has been far from smooth with merchants facing delays in their terminals being certified, and some small businesses have been slow to introduce the new technology. 70 percent of consumers now have chip cards […]

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POS Systems for Your Restaurant | Transaction Services

POS Systems for Your Restaurant

December 8, 2016/0/0/

Efficiency is one of the ingredients for running a restaurant and it isn’t just about keeping the customer satisfied by providing a fast, professional service. Successfully managing a restaurant business also involves effectively managing the admin and the inventory side so you can minimize wastage and maximize profits. Running a successful restaurant business is often […]

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Profitable Business Owners Love the Interchange Plus Pricing Model | Transaction Services

Why Profitable Business Owners Love the Interchange Plus Pricing Model

November 30, 2016/0/0/

Learn why interchange plus pricing is one of the fairest and affordable pricing models available. If you run a business, you know that accepting credit and debit cards is extremely important. Many consumers no longer even carry cash. Therefore, accepting credit and debit cards directly influences your bottom line. On the other hand, credit and […]

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Level 2 Payment Processing Explained | Transaction Services

Level 2 Payment Processing Explained (Because It’s Complicated)

November 28, 2016/0/0/

As a new business owner, you’ve made the decision to accept credit and debit card payments. That means you will need to work with a merchant provider to come up with the most practical approach to accepting electronic payments, and ensure the funds are transferred to your bank account in a timely manner. As you […]

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Payment Processing for Nonprofit Organizations | Transaction Services

Payment Processing for Nonprofit Organizations: Tips for Setting Up the Most Cost Effective Solution

November 23, 2016/0/0/

Not everyone understands that nonprofit organizations have to pay credit card processing fees just like any other type of entity. The thing to remember is that the board and others who are involved in the operation of the entity do have options. With the right approach to card processing, it is possible to keep the […]

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PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Solutions for Merchants | Transaction Services

PCI Point-To-Point Encryption (P2PE): What Merchants Should Know

October 19, 2016/0/0/

Financial services companies have to adapt to the changes as well as complexities in the payment card industry (PCI) regulatory environment in regard to credit cards. This is done through a point-to-point encryption (P2PE) payment device that is PCI certified. P2PE provides a solution that maximizes security for credit card transactions. The Payment Process In order […]

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POS System Features For Retailers | Transaction Services

POS System Features For Retailers

October 11, 2016/0/0/

POS systems are standard fixtures everywhere in the retain market today. More people are paying with credit or debit instead of cash or check. When you want your business to compete and succeed today, you must have a PCI-compliant POS system in your retail stores. You can decide which system to utilize by learning about the […]

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Level Three Card Processing: What You Need To Know | Transaction Services

Level Three Card Processing: What You Need To Know

October 5, 2016/0/0/

Identity theft is at an all-time high in this country. This crime costs your company money and delays the amount of time it takes to recoup funds that rightfully belong to you. When you want every credit card payment to be verified completely, you may see the advantage in using a Level Three card processing […]

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