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How an Integrated POS System Can Streamline Your Business Operations | Transaction Services

How An Integrated POS System Can Streamline Your Business Operations

July 7, 2016/0/0/

Keeping things running smoothly at your business is a must, because even the smallest slowdown could put you off track for the rest of the day. With that in mind, many businesses have begun using integrated POS systems to streamline their operations. Some industries where such technology is used includes: Restaurants Retail stores Paid parking […]

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The Best Features of Today's POS Systems | Transaction Services

The Best Features Of Today’s POS Systems

July 5, 2016/0/0/

In the market for a point-of-sale solution? POS systems have come a long way in recent years. Check out some of the best features that today’s POS providers have to offer. Next Day Funding Steady cash flow helps retail businesses stay competitive. Receive your cut within a day after the customer pays. Automated Recurring Payments […]

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Self-Service Payment Terminals in Parking Garages | Transaction Services

Self-Service Payment Terminals In Parking Garages: What You Should Know

June 28, 2016/0/0/

In today’s digital economy, most consumers have made the switch to using credit cards to pay for everything from their morning cup of coffee to big-ticket items like vacations, home improvement projects and more. For businesses that have not made the switch with them, you could very well be leaving money on the table by […]

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Level 3 Credit Card Processing | Transaction Services

Level 3 Credit Card Processing: What You Need To Know

June 21, 2016/0/0/

When acquiring credit card processing services for your small business, there are numerous things that need to be figured out and taken care of. One of those items is determining if you would like Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 credit card processing. Essentially, the difference between the three is that they all offer […]

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Credit Card Fraud Prevention Tips for Small Businesses | Transaction Services

Credit Card Fraud Prevention Tips For Small Businesses

June 14, 2016/0/0/

One of the biggest threats to businesses, particularly smaller ones, is credit card fraud. The only way to completely protect your company from this is to refuse credit cards altogether. However, in today’s current economic climate, that simply is not feasible. Accepting credit cards is going to be a necessity for your business, which opens […]

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EMV Terminal & Compliance: Why It Matters for Your Company | Transaction Services

EMV Terminal & Compliance: Why It Matters For Your Company

June 7, 2016/0/0/

The United States is currently undergoing a transition to EMV, or so-called “chip and pin” credit and debit cards, rather than cards that have magnetic strips on them. The more advanced cards have internal microchips, and require a person to insert the card into a special reader. If it is a debit card, they will […]

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5 Best, Most Important Features Of A Restaurant POS System | Transaction Services

5 Best, Most Important Features Of A Restaurant POS System

June 1, 2016/0/2/

Most food establishments rely on a POS system for efficient and secure payment processing. Not all POS products are created equal, however. Deciding on a high-quality product can protect your business from dangerous online hackers and help manage your daily operations. Features of an Effective POS System Technological innovation has led to POS systems with […]

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