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The Pros & Cons of Making Payments With Social Media Payment Platforms

August 19, 2019/0/0/

Social media is in a constant state of evolution. Whereas its initial purpose was to help connect and reconnect old friends, it now serves as a wildly popular way to send and receive money too. Sometimes called a “social payment”, social media payment platforms offer individuals a way to transfer money using an app like [...]


Prevent Credit Card Fraud From Ruining Your Business

June 24, 2019/0/1/

Most business owners know how important it is to be able to accept credit cards as a form of payment. It is one of the primary ways to increase sales and provide a better customer experience. However, with credit card acceptance comes the potential to be defrauded. Here are four effective ways to prevent credit [...]

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Secured vs. Unsecured Credit Card: Which is Right for You?

Secured vs. Unsecured Credit Card: Which is Right for You?

January 18, 2017/0/0/

The credit card market in the United States is vast. During your search for a suitable credit card, you’ll find offers for both secured and unsecured credit cards, but what are the main differences and which is right for you? What is Secured Credit? A secured credit means adding funds to a security deposit account. […]