Transaction Services and Fairway GPO

Transaction Services and Fairway GPO

Transaction Services and Fairway GPO

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Transaction Services and Fairway GPO have the best solution to help non-profit organziations charge ahead in a very competitive market.  The key features of Fairway membership – that focus on customer service, communications, and prices the “fair way” – combined with the power of Transaction Services secure, integrated processing – empowers Fairway members to maximize their buying power.

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Non-Profit Organizations Needs

  • Save money
  • Maximize buying power
  • Order goods and services with quality service
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  • Fast, secure payment processing
  • Complete EMV support
  • Compliant surcharging solution
    … and more
Fairway GPO
  • Contracts with over 900 suppliers
  • Discounts on everyday products
  • Fast, easy access and handling
    … and more

Enjoy Great Savings with
Transaction Services and Fairway GPO

Fast handling of your donations

  • Receive donations easily and in the manner that donors choose

  • Receive funds directly deposited into their bank accounts

  • Accept mobile payments for donations

  • Enable donations 24/7

Flexible For Your Donors

  • Designate donations to multiple charities within a single organization

  • Accept donations in honor or member of loved ones

  • Customize receipts for tax purposes

  • Enjoy robust reporting for tracking of contributions

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