Mobile Payments

Pay Anywhere, Anytime.

Pay Anywhere,

Turn any web-enabled device into a fast, reliable, hand-held credit card processor with the TRX Mobile Payments Platform. The same secure data transmission, fraud alerts and message level encryption you’d expect from a table-top device is now available in a small, portable, 3DES encrypted mobile reader. Just plug it into your mobile device and swipe, it’s that easy. Card information is encrypted the moment the card is swiped, sensitive credit card data is never stored on your device, TRX Services strictly adheres to the PCI Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

Our FREE mobile payments app also comes with electronic signature capture and digital receipts that are emailed to your customers, saving you the expense of buying a printer and receipt paper. Merchants have access to detailed sales reports, user defined data and analytics. TRX Services mobile app with P2PE encryption technology is available for download through iTunes.

Smarter payments, big benefits:

  • Triple encrypted credit card reader
  • 3DES encrypted reader, message level encrypted AES-256
  • Create custom reports based on information you want to collect from each transaction
  • Electronic signature capture and digital receipts
  • Access to advanced reporting and analytics
  • Send customers electronic receipts, no printer needed
  • Easily process purchases, returns and manage sales
  • Enhanced customer service capabilities
Works with any iOS or Android device
Works with MagTek eDynamo Bluetooth Card Reader