Transaction Services and Sudzy

Transaction Services and Sudzy

Transaction Services and Sudzy

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Transaction Services and Sudzy have the best solution to help drycleaners charge ahead in a very competitive market.  The key features of the Sudzy platform – that focus on customer service, communications, and order management – combined with the power of Transaction Services secure, integrated processing – empowers drycleaners to create and grow long relationships with their customers.

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Drycleaners Needs

  • Fast, reliable order management
  • Customer service
  • Communications
  • Secure, reliable payment processing
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  • Integrated with Sudzy POS
  • Fast payment processing
  • Complete EMV support
  • Compliant surcharging solution
    … and more
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  • One-click invoices
  • Cloud backup
  • Promotions
  • Mobile App
    … and more

Enjoy Better Results with
Transaction Services and Sudzy

Improve Customer Loyalty

  • Personalized text messages that keep customers updated

  • Attractive email templates to help you better communicate

  • Timely customer notifications when items are ready for pickup

Capture More Customers

  • Reach a larger market with automated emails and updates

  • Quick, fast, easy re-order helps customers who are busy

  • Attract new customers with segmented promotions

Highly Efficient Process

  • Turn-key solution can be operational within one day or less

  • Safe, secure, compliant payment processing gives you and your customers peace-of-mind

  • Quick installation allows you to keep focusing on quality customer service

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