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What Is Centralized Reporting, How Can It Help My SMB?

October 21, 2016/0/0/

As a small business owner, you know there’s a lot of data that needs to be tracked. Choosing to invest in a centralized reporting system offers the opportunity to put your time and the time of your employees to better use. Here are some of the advantages that you will enjoy by utilizing a unified […]

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Centralized Reporting: How Centralized Should Your Reporting System Be?

September 12, 2016/0/0/

Every company should have a reporting system, but how centralized should your reporting system be? Determining the level at which your reporting tool should be centralized will depend on your business’s needs. According to Piyanka Jain’s article on forbes.com, there are 5 questions that you should ask yourself when trying to figure out the level of centralization […]

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